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We offer great pricing on our services and guarantee our results 100%.  Upon completion of the job, mulch can be raked back into the hole and leveled out. 

If it turns out that for some reason any portion of the stump was missed at all, we will return and finish the job at no extra charge.  Owner/operator Chris Lasley is present at each job to ensure you are satisfied with our work and will provide the expertise to see the job through to completion.



Safety: Stumps are a liability for homeowners because they present a serious tripping hazard.

Appearance: Don’t let stumps ruin the beauty of your lawn and landscaping.

Termites: Rotting wood from stumps attracts termites. You don’t want to put your home at risk from wood boring insect damage.

Property damage: Stumps and roots can cause unseen damage to your driveways, sidewalks and foundation.

Equipment damage: Stumps and roots that are partially buried or hidden can cause costly damage to lawn equipment.


We use well maintained, heavy duty equipment coupled with precision grinding methods that quickly and safely grind the tree stump down well below ground level.